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Stylish Hero Pieces

Fashion GRL Ruffled Trench

Your wardrobe will thank you. Our Fashion GRL Ruffled Trench Coat is the staple style that you can use to build a complete look. Think of it as a wear over and over again style. It's timeless but its not boring. We all have those hero pieces in our closet: our favorite jeans, go to earrings, or that perfect top that we still get compliments on this very day. What makes our fashion GRL trench special is the ruffle detail on the sleeve, the rich quality, and silhouette.

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Fearless Leather Vest

A vest that you'll love for years to come. Its no secret that leather is a go to fabric when the weather gets a little cooler. It adds a classiness with a slight edge to every look. This vest feels amazing and because of the quality there should be no concerns of it expiring anytime soon. Be prepared to have this beautiful, knock out piece for years to come. There is a belt included that you can use to cinch the waist line and it also gives you a little ruffle peplum bottom. The edges of the sleeve and hem are finished with zipper detail.

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